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We undertake a wide range of project work to help achieve our vision that all children in Scotland have an equal chance to flourish.

This includes:

  • Participation and direct engagement work with children, young people and families
  • Projects relating to influencing policy and legislation that meets the needs of children and families
  • Research and evaluation projects
  • Commissioned work
Featured project

Participation through the Pandemic (2021-2022)

The project explored how coronavirus changed the ways in which children and young people can get involved in projects or access services.

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A Youth Voice Network for Scotland

A project on behalf of the Electoral Commission Scotland to establish and maintain a Youth Voice Network for Scotland, to increase the knowledge and understanding of democracy and politics amongst young people, while supporting consistency in political education.

Live Music and Mental Health: Innovation Labs

Children in Scotland, Scottish Ensemble and the University of Stirling are working on an exciting new project to open up opportunities for children and young people to access live music.

Pupil Support Staff Learning Programme 

We plan to develop and deliver a support and learning programme for pupil support staff using a co-production model

Alcohol marketing consultation – youth engagement

In partnership with the Scottish Government, this is a youth engagement consultation project (running January - March 2023) gathering views on how alcohol is advertised in Scotland. 

Youth Advisory Group - Suicide Prevention

A partnership project to launch a youth advisory group to inform and improve policy from the perspective of those with lived experience of suicide.

Crown Estate Scotland’s Children and Young People’s Forum

Project supporting Crown Estate Scotland to set up a young people’s advisory group to use young people's opinions and perspectives to help inform and influence their work.

Access All Arts Fund

A project delivering an arts fund, co-designed by children and young people, to remove barriers and improve children’s access to creative opportunities, and support well-being.

Access to Childcare Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support childcare solutions that enable more accessible and affordable childcare for families and to help to reduce the barriers parents and carers experience in accessing childcare.

Supporting the Third Sector Project (2014-present)

A nationally funded project to support the Third Sector’s full integration in Community Planning Partnerships and increased contribution to strategic local children and family services.