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Your resolution for 2019: be a bright spark

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Brexit: a different perspective

Young people share their recommendations on EU funding, travel, trade and jobs

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25 Calls response: Level the playing field for children

Scottish Book Trust's CEO says we need to emulate the world's most equal educational model

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My Rights, My Say

Children have the right to have their views considered when decisions are made about their support for learning.

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Our commitment to children's participation

We support the participation and engagement of young people in all our work

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25 Calls response: Don't let gender stereotypes limit lives

Let's challenge the constraints we place on children, argues Zero Tolerance's Nikki Chung

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How children can change the world

The Dec 2018-Jan 2019 edition of our magazine, a Year of Young People special, is out now!

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Inclusion: is it on the map for everyone?

Research on inclusive education across Europe was discussed at a recent meeting in Vienna

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25 Calls interview

"We need a mass movement" – Richard Wilkinson on how to challenge inequality

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Help us achieve the change we want to see

Take part, respond to, and share our 25 Calls campaign

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"Kindness and fairness" key to good teaching

That's the message from 591 young people who shaped new standards from the GTCS

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Our services

We offer a range of practical services on additional support for learning, mediation, and funding of inclusive childcare

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Our partners

The valued partner organisations we work with provide support, representation and advice for families throughout Scotland

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