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Policy & Influencing

Our unique position in the children’s sector means we can influence people and organisations that make important contributions to the lives of children and families in Scotland.

Our policy positions and calls are explained fully in our Manifesto 2021-2026 (click here to access).

Click here to access the Children and Young Person’s version of our Manifesto 

All our work and relationships, and the evidence we draw from our network, help inform the policy positions we take. It also allows us to identify our key priorities, which work towards our vision of all children in Scotland having an equal chance to flourish.

Our policy positions are the result of: 

We are involved in a range of activity with the aim of influencing practice and creating positive change for children.  

There are many different ways you can get involved in our policy and influencing work, and in our work more widely.

One of the best ways to get involved is to become a member of Children in Scotland. 

Members’ Forums 
Children in Scotland organises and chairs a number of Forums to support our members, gather their feedback and expertise, and help inform our policy positions. Our member forums have been developed to meet the different needs of the children’s workforce while also providing the opportunity to bring members together with the ambition of influencing policy and practice. 

Voices brings together the diverse knowledge, skills and experience of our members to seek solutions for the most pressing issues affecting children in Scotland today. Every member of Children in Scotland is welcome to attend. Click here to find out more

Children's Sector Strategic Forum 
This group meets at least four times per year and takes a pro-active and evidence-based approach to improving children’s lives at a national level. 

Membership comprises Children in Scotland members who hold senior positions within the children’s sector.
Click here to find out more about the forum – and access minutes and briefings

Cross-party Group on Children and Young People
Children in Scotland is the co-secretariat for the Scottish Parliament Cross-party Group on Children and Young People. The group's purpose is to ensure issues affecting children and young people are recognised and discussed throughout the working of the Scottish Parliament, in order to ensure that the needs and rights of children and young people are met throughout Scotland.
Click here to review recent business and minutes from the group


Our policy team also offers bespoke training on:

Looking for more information?

Contact our Head of Policy, Projects & Participation
David Mackay,

2021-2026 Manifesto

Our Manifesto outlines key suggested changes in policy and legislation - it contains 10 themes and 33 calls

Click here to access

Children's Rights and the UNCRC Training

Bridging policy and practice: bespoke children's rights training tailored to your organisation’s needs

Click here to find out more

25 Calls campaign

Find out more about the 25 Calls campaign, view press coverage and read further responses

Click here for more

Consultation Responses

Our members' expertise informs positions we take on child policy and legislation

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