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Supporting the Third Sector Project

Building on the success of the National Third Sector GIRFEC (NTSG) Project, Children in Scotland continues its commitment to support the Third Sector to be a strong partner in Children's Services Planning, as in Part 3 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, through the Supporting the Third Sector Project.

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What is the project trying to achieve?

Our ambition is that the Third Sector is fully integrated with Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and contributes to the strategic planning of local children and family services as equal partners. This means:

  • Increased local third sector engagement in planning, development and budgeting of services
  • Strengthened local support structures and clear paths for effective engagement with third sector locally
  • Local and community-based third sector voices are amplified within national policy development
  • Stronger impact of the third sector across all areas of national and local policy development as a result of increased capacity and capability of Third Sector Interfaces.

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How are we going to achieve these aims?

We plan to achieve these aims by:

  • Building capacity of the workforce
  • Facilitating the national TSI Children’s Services Network
  • Keeping organisations informed of relevant policies and legislations
  • Providing tailored support to local Children’s Services Forums
  • Co-ordinating opportunities for third sector and statutory partners to network, develop collaborative working and influence policies
  • Supporting local third sector organisations and grassroot community groups to have a voice at national level. Here is an example of how the third sector is involved in the partnership responding to COVID-19.

These are only some examples of our activities. Please contact us for further details or to discuss specific work.

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