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Children's Rights and the UNCRC Training

Bridging Policy and Practice: Bespoke rights training tailored to your organisation’s needs: when, where, and how you want it.  

Children’s Rights Revolution

Scotland is on the road to a children’s rights revolution, with policymakers and practitioners working to embed rights across policy, strategic planning and practice to make Scotland the best country to grow up in.

Embedding rights and incorporating the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child) into Scots law will have a huge impact on organisations across the country – including public bodies, private sector organisations and third sector organisations. It will include new requirements, updates to policies and changes to practice to make sure children and young people across the country can fully realise their rights.

UNCRC Training Offer

This flexible and tailored training offers a comprehensive introduction to children’s rights in a Scottish context for practitioners across the third sector.

Designed and delivered by Children in Scotland’s experienced and respected Policy, Projects and Participation team, this bespoke training gives practitioners space to reflect on children’s rights in the context of their own practice and consider changes to embed rights more strongly in their day-to-day work. It also gives organisations an opportunity to plan out their next steps to better realise children’s rights in their policies, practices and strategies.

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This training offers:

  • Access to an e-module designed specifically for third sector professionals to improve their understanding of the UNCRC and children’s rights.
  • Flexible and tailored training: organisations can choose a training length that suits them and have the training tailored for the organisation.

As a training participant, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the background to the UNCRC, and the key articles and principles that underpin it
  • Insight into children’s rights in the Scottish context, including the journey to UNCRC incorporation and the duties
  • The ability to make connections between your practice and the different UNCRC articles, enabling you to grow your rights-based practice
  • Practical tips and signposting to resources and further learning.

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Children's Rights Training Brochure

Download a brochure which outlines the different training options.

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