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FMQT: Next Generation

We are excited to be partnering with YouthLink Scotland, to run the first ever First Minister’s Question Time (FMQT) that will give children and young people the opportunity to scrutinise the First Minister in person! This means FMQT will leave Holyrood and travel across Scotland, ensuring that the voices of children and young people are heard in Scottish politics.

The project, funded by Scottish Government as part of the Year of Young People, builds on work both ourselves and YouthLink Scotland are currently undertaking to promote the participation of children and young people in civic society. It is hoped that this will be the first of many FMQT Next Generation events and that future First Ministers will commit to the project and its ideals.

We hope that FMQT Next Generation will provide a platform for young people to not only have their views heard but also acted upon. It will play an important role in creating opportunities for children and young people to have a meaningful say about how Scotland is run, particularly for those too young to vote or do not have opportunities to have their voices heard otherwise.

The event has been co-designed with young people who have formed a Design Team (10 young people) and an Online Support Team (9 young people). Decisions from the venue to the questions posed to the First Minister have been decided by the young people and they continue to be involved in the run up to the first event, which has included a recent trip to STV studios.

The FMQT: Next Generation Design Team outside Bute House, where they met with the First Minister (June 2018)
Picture: Alan Rennie

The first event will take place on Wednesday 12 September in Glasgow. Children and young people aged from 8 to 18 (with an upper limit of 26 for those young people with additional support needs) will participate by being in the live audience and can use our dedicated resource which explains how to get involved while watching FMQT Next Generation on STV Player (available from 14 September).

Find out more about the journey the Design Team has been on so far in our video below which shows the first time they met the First Minister.


FMQT: Next Generation resource

The information and activities in this resource support the participation of children and young people in the project

Click here to download

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FMQT: Next Generation Online Design Team member Sally Henry, aged 16, explains why she wanted to take part

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Find out why giving children and young people a voice at national level now – and in the future – is vital for society

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Blog: Giving young people a voice in Scottish politics

Our project partners, YouthLInk Scotland, explain why FMQT: Next Generation is a vital leap for participation

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FMQT: Next Generation supports the realisation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCR) by prioritising children and young people’s participation in matters affecting them.

Download the resource

A resource for teachers, youth workers, parents, carers and practitioners working with children and young people has been developed to encourage and guide involvement in FMQT: Next Generation. The information and activities in this resource, Getting ready for FMQT: Next Generation – A resource for teachers, youth workers and practitioners working with children and young people were designed to support the participation of children and young people in FMQT: Next Generation.

Click here to download the resource

Planning on getting involved? Share your plans and activities on Twitter and Instagram using #FMQTNextGeneration!

Watch #FMQTNextGeneration

STV will be recording FMQT Next Generation and it will be available on STV Player from Friday 14 September for you to watch with children and young people, as well as being available on Glow. You will also be able to watch part of the programme on Scotland Tonight at 10.30pm on 13 September.

We will post a link to the programme when it becomes available.