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Meet the Design Team behind FMQT Next Generation

Eloise, 11, Dumfries

Photograph of Eloise from FMQT Next Generation

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?“To know what is going on in our country and to take part making sure others my age, older and younger know too.”

Ivana, 15, Glasgow

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“Because I thought it was really interesting that children were being asked to do it, not adults. I want to represent other children in Scotland and to make sure that our views and opinions are heard too!”

Ivana also shares why she wanted to get involved in FMQT Next Generation in this short videofilmed earlier this year when the Design Team met the First Minister for the first time.

Divine, 12, Glasgow

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“To get involved in events for children to get involved in.”

Rosie, 13, Glasgow

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“I wanted my voice to be heard. I want to achieve the ability to speak out against the things I want to change.”

Earlier this year the Design Team got to meet the First Minister to discuss their plans for the event, have a look at this video where Rosie explains what it was like to meet the First Minister.

Findlay, 15, Aberdeenshire

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“Because the youth of Scotland are becoming ever more diverse and should have an opportunity to be involved with their democracy and ask questions because, after all, we are the next generation of adults. I’d like young people to achieve a greater understanding of Scotland’s politics and how the country works but I’d also like young people to be more confident when it comes to speaking out about change.”

Evelyn, 9, Fife

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“I wanted to help children speak out and know they have the right to be heard and listened to. What I want to achieve in this project is more confidence and the knowledge that children will be heard.”

Josh, 13, Fife

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“I wanted to make sure that not just my voice, but my generation’s voice, was not just being heard but being listened to and taken into consideration. As the decisions being made will not affect the decision makers in the long run, they will affect us.”

Zander, 10, Dumfries

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“Because I am worried about all the big decisions that are being made without asking kids what they will want in the future. I like working in teams and all the different things we have to think about when we organise the question time sessions. I want to improve my confidence by working with other people who are older than me and learn what happens behind the scenes at these sort of events.”

Katie, 15, West Lothian

Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“Because I feel this is a fantastic opportunity for myself and other young people within Scotland to have their say. As a care experienced young person, I know that some work has begun to help bridge the gap but I felt more could be getting done to give us the same opportunities in the future as our peers, so I wanted the be given the chance to advocate for others like myself.

I am part of the student council in my school and if I can make a change in my school I feel I can make a change on a larger scale.

I always love a challenge and this was an opportunity to have a once in a lifetime chance for me to have my say on what I believe in on a national level.

By being part of this project along with advocating for care experienced young people, I want to help make a change in the lives of young people in Scotland. By doing this I hope to leave a legacy of a better Scotland for young people in the future.”

Aidan, 10




Why did you want to be on the Design Team?
“I like helping people and I love working in a group. I would like to help kids around the world and in Scotland."

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