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The teenage brain: implications for behaviour and learning

Tuesday, 12 November 2024 | 10am – 12pm | Online

Explore why teenagers behave the way they do and learn how the adolescent brain develops.

This training is part of the webinar series: Navigating child development in the modern world. Mutli-ticket buy discounts available across the series. See series page for details.


Ticket Prices

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Key Learning

  • Brain development in adolescence
  • The impact of hormonal activity on the brain
  • The impact of stress chemicals on behaviour and learning

This webinar will focus on the adolescent brain and how it develops. It will explore why teenagers behave as they do, how they learn, and how they make decisions about their lives. You will learn how best to engage in these areas to ensure your young people receive the support they need to become healthy and happy individuals.

From previous attendees

"A very informative presentation. Jan Montgomery's wealth of experience and insight into the teenage brain was very interesting and there are many things I can take with me and put into practice when dealing with teenagers."

"The session really reminded me to take a step back and think about my own regulation and how that impacts my young people. It also was a good prompt to remind me how my young people might be processing and dealing with on going trauma (that I may not know about)."

"Very interesting stuff! Really enjoyed this. Great overview of 'the teenage brain' and a great reminder as to why young people approach, respond and act in certain ways...and as a result, what we can do to support them."


Jan Montgomery
Jan Montgomery is an experienced therapist who works across the lifespan. She is a qualified Life Coach, Play Therapist and Adult Psychotherapist. Jan specialises in working with trauma and has a passion for sharing her learning in an accessible and creative format.

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