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Webinar series: Navigating child development in the modern world

Hear from three different experts as we explore child development from birth to young adulthood in the context of the pressures of modern society

Delay or deficit?

8 Oct | Childhood development after lockdown

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Empowering children

30 Oct | Executive function skills to thrive

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The teenage brain

12 Nov | Implications for behaviour and learning

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Invest in your professional practice this Autumn and take advantage of our exclusive series offer.

Delve into the latest research and gain fresh perspectives on how children’s brains are developing in the context of new challenges we face in today's society.

Human beings are social animals, but the interactions babies, children and young people have with adults and with each other in 2024 are vastly different than they were even a generation ago. Emerging research shows that the effects of the pandemic, and of the increasingly digital world we live in is affecting children’s development, communication and behaviour.

This webinar series brings together three experts who will explore how we can best support children’s development from birth all the way to young adulthood. Drawing on their different specialisms, each of our trainers will approach child development from an ‘stage not age’ lens that recognises the uniqueness and diversity of each child’s needs.

To best support children and young people to thrive as they grow up, it is crucial that we acknowledge the particular challenges they face in today’s society and how this may be impacting their brain and biology. Moreover, if we can help children and young people themselves understand what is going on inside their brains and bodies, we can empower them with the tools to self-reflect, self-regulate and self-advocate, whatever their age or needs.

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Webinar 1 - Delay or deficit? Childhood development after lockdown

Jeanne McLaughlin, a play therapist and clinical supervisor at With Kids and Honorary Lecturer at Glasgow University. Jeanne has thirty years of experience working with children. Her research on play therapy has been published in UK and international academic journals. She designed the infant-child development module with With Kids and Queen Margaret University MSc in Play Therapy.

Webinar 2 - Empowering children: executive function skills to thrive in a dynamic world

Nicola McAllister stands as a beacon for vulnerable children and young people. As a seasoned trainer and consultant, she brings forth a wealth of experience, offering invaluable insights to those who support these individuals. Nicola's passion lies in nurturing understanding of child development and regulation, empowering adults to create environments and opportunities for engagement, in which children can thrive.

Webinar 3 - The teenage brain: implications for behaviour and learning

Jan Montgomery is an experienced therapist who works across the lifespan. She is a qualified Life Coach, Play Therapist and Adult Psychotherapist. Jan specialises in working with trauma and has a passion for sharing her learning in an accessible and creative format.

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