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"Stand firm on human rights", civil society groups urge party leaders

10 December 2019

Children in Scotland has signed an open letter calling for the safeguarding of human rights in the UK.

Published on Human Rights Day and ahead of the UK General Election, the letter has been sent to all party leaders and is signed by more than 100 civil society groups and charities.

It calls for all political parties to commit to safeguarding the human rights protections afforded through the UK’s Human Rights Act and European laws.

The letter states:

“Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s election, 2020 is an important year for the UK. Many decisions will need to be made about what sort of country we want to be going forward, and what relationships people have with those we place in power.

“We ask you to stand firm on our hard-won freedoms. We ask you to stand firm on ensuring that our Human Rights Act remains an integral part not just of our constitutional arrangements, but also of people’s everyday lives, enabling us all to live with equal dignity and respect.”

The letter was organised and published by the British Institute of Human Rights.

Click here to read the letter in full

Rights are at the core of our Manifesto for the next UK Government, with one of the calls being 'Fully incorporate the UNCRC and wider international human rights treaties into UK law'.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Manifesto


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