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It’s time to follow young people’s lead on climate action

20 September 2019

Children in Scotland is pleased to support today’s Global Climate Strike action, which demands radical progress on climate change from the Scottish and UK governments.

Climate change and the environment have been identified as priority issues by Changing our World (CoW), our children and young people’s advisory group, and we are committed to following their lead.

We recognise that public bodies, the third sector and wider civil society must step up to support this cause.

Since inaction or ineffective action in relation to climate change will have the biggest ramifications for children and young people, we recognise our own responsibility for working towards a sustainable future for all.

We urge all members of our network and everyone working with or for children to:

  • demand our governments move away from minimal consumer-focused policy changes and embrace the systemic change that will be required
  • make themselves part of this campaigning effort
  • consider the collective and individual action they could take
  • promote views and positions about climate change based on scientific evidence, and
  • be conscious of the urgency of this issue as expressed by young climate campaigners in Scotland and around the world.

Asked about her views on climate change, Anna, a member of our children and young people’s advisory group Changing our World, told us:

“Our world is dying and we are, in many instances, ignoring the crisis.

“I love the beauty of this earth and how strong humanity can be, but so many people are so caught up in their own lives that they shut themselves off from what is going on around them.”

Staff from Children in Scotland will be attending the march in Edinburgh today, hanging banners in support of climate action in our office windows, and taking part in social media activity.

We want to ensure that supporting action on climate change now forms a key part of our work programme.

We will continue to share our plans as we collaborate with children and young people to identify the most effective ways of making an impact.

Amy Woodhouse, Joint Acting Chief Executive of Children in Scotland, said:

“We are keen to work with our members and partners from across the children’s sector and beyond to contribute meaningfully to this essential social movement, which children have advised us is of the utmost importance to them.

“We all have a role to play in securing a future for Scotland’s children and young people that is healthy, sustainable and responsive to the many challenges posed by climate change.

“It’s our hope that by providing a platform for the voices of children and young people, and by using our influence to push for change at national government level, we can be effective allies to the youth climate change movement.”

Watch our two short videos below to find out what the Global Climate Strike means to the children and young people we work with:

Video 1: Climate strike – children and young people we work with share their views
Click here to view

Video 2: Young Media Voices creator Marcus on how young people can Save the Future
Click here to view

Follow the climate action conversation at: #ClimateStrike

Media contact:

Chris Small,

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