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Changing our World

What is Changing our World?

We are the children and young people's advisory group for Children in Scotland, with current members aged 9-23, all with different backgrounds, ideas, experiences and views.

"We are mortals who solve stuff."

We have regular meetings to offer our perspectives and experiences to Children in Scotland to make their work more relevant.


What does Changing our World do? And how?

"We are an advisory group; we try to solve stuff."
"We share experiences from our lives and we get to express ourselves."

Changing our World members share their experiences, opinions and ideas so that children and young people are heard in Children in Scotland’s decision-making, at strategic level and at a general level.

Changing our World tries to influence decision-makers to make Scotland a better place for young people by asking them to make pledges about what they do to help improve Scotland for young people. And we give them our advice and ideas so they take them and use them in their work.


What does Changing our World hope to achieve?

  • We want to achieve things to have a say in our future.
  • Change that can be measured.
  • We want to be involved in decisions that affect us. We don't want to make all the decisions, but we want to influence them.
  • Better representation for young people and children across the country.

Why is Changing our World important?

The advisory group means children and young people's voices can be heard and represented where they should be – where important decisions about our future are being made.

Our members

Find out who we are, our beliefs and how we found out about Changing our World

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Our activity

Learn more about what we've achieved, including events we've been to and our contributions to them

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Manifesto campaign work

We have produced lots of different kinds of content to support the Children in Scotland Manifesto

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Advice for setting up an advisory group

Learn more about launching an advisory group from our experiences

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Get in touch

Contact us about events that might interest us, for advisory group advice, and to collaborate

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