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Collective understanding and support across Scottish society will help deliver Care Review’s vision

5 February 2020

Children in Scotland has welcomed today’s publication of the Independent Care Review and pledged support to deliver on its vision.

Simon Massey, Children in Scotland’s Head of Engagement and Learning, and a representative on the Review’s Workforce group, said:

“Publication of the Care Review is a big moment for anyone interested in Scotland’s future. I hope it marks a profound change in how we value young people with care experience and their role in shaping the care system and care policy.

“It is the culmination of three years’ work during which 5,500 experiences were heard, spanning children and young people with experience of the system, adults who have lived in care and their families, and members of the workforce.

“I feel very proud tohave been a representative on the workforce stream of the review and to have observed first-hand how the review process has been underpinned by a shared understanding of values and a sense of what we can achieve collectively.

“Throughout, it's been made clear that the review is accountable to children and young people.

“The report emphasises the primacy of love and relationships. It advocates shifting the balance of power towards listening to children and young people, urges ‘more care, less system’ and explains whyScotland must‘parent, not process’ children.

“These are powerful themes and aspirations. Support for them must extend beyond the children’s sector and across Scottish society so we can build a more empathetic understanding of care experience.

“With that in mind, it’s vital we remember that although the Review is published, the work isn’t over. Contributing to our 25 Calls campaign, Fiona Duncan urged Scotland to ‘get involved and stay involvedin order to identify and implement changes to day-to-day practice, as well as system-wide improvements’.

“So we pledge to stay involved, to support the aims and work of the Care Review now and in the future – and to #KeepThePromise.”

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