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Children’s Services Promising Planning Examples

Part 3 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 required that, by April 2017, all local authority areas, along with the relevant health boards, published a Children’s Services Plan.

The plans are intended to ‘… improve outcomes for all children and young people in Scotland by ensuring that local planning and delivery of services is integrated, focused on securing quality and value through preventative approaches and dedicated to safeguarding, supporting and promoting child wellbeing.’

While the plans have now been published, the Statutory Guidance for Part 3 of the Act states that plans should be seen asa part of an ongoing planning cycle rather than an end point in themselves. Therefore, the opportunities for the third sector to continue to work with local partners to review and help improve children’s services are ongoing.

Jointly with Malcolm Sayers of Cambium Advocacy, the National Third Sector GIRFEC Project have produced the Promising Planning document to support and encourage the effective collaboration of the third sector and all planning partners in the ongoing development of those Plans. It outlines what is required in terms of the design, delivery and review of the plans, and highlights several useful examples of promising practice across Scotland.

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Supporting The Third Sector (STTS) Project

The project contributes to the strategic planning of local children and family services as equal partners

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