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Changing our World: Campaigning

In the lead up to the Scottish Parliament election Changing our World has been working on a range of campaign materials to share with potential new MSPs.

As a group we decided to focus on Education as the issue we all thought was important in the lead up to the election. This is not the only issue we are interested in, but all of our learning has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and we know things need to improve.

Making our campaign materials 

Over our last four meetings we have spoken about the things we thought were important. We spoke a lot about PSE and exams/assessments.

We all have different experiences and are at different stages of school but we spoke about how things had been for us and what we wanted to change.

Over the meetings we decided who we would want to share our views with and what the best way for each of us to share our views was.

On this page you can find out more about what we think. Members of the group have written blogs, made videos and created resources for people to use.

We want all politicians and adults who make decisions about education to listen to what we are saying and make changes after the election.

Our Campaign Materials 


Liam has written a blog about what needs to change in PSE and why it is important to listen to children and young people. You can read his piece.
Click here to read his blog


Anna has made two videos asking adults to consider the views of children and young people in education. Her first video is about exams and assessments.


Anna's second video tells you what she thinks needs to change in PSE.


In Coll's video he asks decision-makers to take a rights based approach to education.


Nina's video tells you about what she thinks the problems in PSE at the moment and what needs to change.



Ellie designed a flowchart to support people to get involved in CoW's campaign work. You can access the flowchart.
Click here to access the flowchart


Marcus has made an interactive poster which tells you why class sizes need to be smaller, it also has a maths crossword. You can see the poster.
Click here to see the poster

Jeanette has told adults about why we need to listen young people about exams. You can see what she has to say.
Click here to see what she has to say

Changing our World Home Page

Find out more about Changing our World and the work and aims of the group

Find out more

Children and Young People's Manifesto

Children in Scotland produced a version of our manifesto for children and young people.

Download it here