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Access to Childcare Fund

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October 2023
The Access to Childcare Fund: phase 2 - evaluation report
(published 6 October 2023)
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March 2023
In March 2023, the final report from the Access to Childcare Fund was published.
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October 2022
At the start of October 2022, in partnership with the Scottish Government, Children in Scotland, Indigo Childcare, SupERKids and St Mirin's Out of School Care, SOSCN held an online event showcasing the work of the Access to Childcare Fund.
Click here to access Andrew Shoolbread's blog on the event:

About the Access to Childcare Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support childcare solutions that enable more accessible and affordable childcare for families and to help to reduce the barriers parents and carers experience in accessing childcare. These barriers include the cost of childcare, the hours available and accessibility for children with additional support needs.

Grants were awarded to fifteen services and projects in 2020 to seek to address the challenges and barriers encountered and allow parents and carers to have time around the school day and in holidays safe in the knowledge that their child(ren) is being looked after and given opportunities to take part in activities, play or youth work experiences.

They aimed to make services more accessible and affordable for low-income families, particularly the six identified priority family groups most at risk from living in poverty and set out in the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan (click here to find out more).

Click here for more information on the projects and their progress

In April 2022 the Scottish Government confirmed that it would continue to fund eight of the projects for further testing of their childcare model.

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The eight projects are:

Hame Fae Hame
St Mirin’s Out of School Care
The Indigo Childcare Group
SHIP (Support, Help and Integration in Perthshire)
Clyde Gateway
Stepping Stones for Families
The Wee Childcare Company.

If you would like any further information on the Fund, please contact:

Access to Childcare Fund - learning from Phase one

Click below to watch an inspiring film showcasing the ACF. The film was made in collaboration with the fifteen phase one projects and produced by media co-op.

Find out about the eight phase two ACF-funded projects:

Hame fae Hame

Hame fae Hame is working to develop flexible childcare options for families, both before and after school

Click here for more

The Indigo Childcare Group

Indigo will explore the need for extended childcare at weekends

Click here for more


The ACF funding will support supERkids to offer weekend provision to its families

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Stepping Stones for Families

Stepping Stones for Families is looking to test the expansion of its holiday provision

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St Mirin's Out of School Club

St Mirin’s is working in partnership with the school in which they are based to extend services

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Support Help and Integration in Perthshire runs services for children with complex additional support needs

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Clyde Gateway

Clyde Gateway's project aims to wrap discrete services around the family so support feels integrated

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The Wee Childcare Company

The funding is allowing them to open two new rural services.

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Find out about the phase one ACF-funded projects: