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A once in a lifetime experience – what FMQT Next Generation meant to one group of young people

9 July 2019

In a special blog, young people from the First Minister’s Question Time Next Generation Design Team reflect on what they’ve learned as their involvement in the project comes to an end.

FMQT Next Generation was co-designed by not just one, but two groups of children and young people.

The Design Team met in person to help plan and evaluate the two events that have taken place. They were supported by the Online Design Team, who were able to feed in additional thoughts and ideas and help to make final decisions on things.

It’s easy to forget when you attend events or see things on TV everything that goes into creating events like FMQT Next Generation. So, this an opportunity to tell you all about what the Design Teams work so hard on, why they think FMQT Next Generation is an important project and what they got out of it.

What did the Design Teams do?

Loads of things!

• We selected the final questions to be asked on the day
• We helped design the events
• We helped choose the venues
• We worked with a designer to make the logos and the brand
• We set criteria for the audience to make sure it was diverse
• We helped choose the co-host
• We chose the furniture and seating arrangements
• We met Nicola Sturgeon to talk about the project
• We made promotional materials.

What was the experience like?

Ivana – "It’s been really fun and rewarding to build a whole event and make new friends."

Findlay – "It’s been an amazing experience over the past 14 months. I’ve really grown as a person and met so many amazing people."

Sally – "It has been a very exciting opportunity to be involved in such a groundbreaking project."

Tamsin – "The experience was once in a lifetime and gave me a good understanding of Scottish politics and parliament."

Kathryn – "I made new friends. I grew as a person. I learned more. I became more confident."

Josh – "It was great. We got a chance to be a part of something so important for the youth of our country."

Eloise – "It was like business with a fun side. I got to meet new people and get my opinions heard."

Zander – "The experience was great."

Evie – "The experience was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed meeting new people."

Rosa – "Very exciting – the opportunity to make a change was super exciting. And to have my voice heard. Even on a personal level. This is the first place I have been able to use my chosen name."

Did you enjoy it?

Ivana – "I LOVED IT!!!" ❤️

Findlay – "I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I’ve always been excited coming to Edinburgh for the meetings etc."

Sally – "I enjoyed the experience and feel very lucky to be involved in this project."

Kathryn – "Yes."

Tamsin – "I enjoyed it because I got a sense of independence and organisation."

Josh – "Yes. It was so fun and we were given amazing opportunities to expand on skills we will have for life."

Eloise – "Yes. It was fun."

Zander – "I definitely enjoyed it."

Evie – "I enjoyed it a lot. I would have loved to do it more."

Rosa – "Yes, I did. The people and the anticipation of it all was pretty exciting."

Has it been worthwhile being involved?

Ivan – "Definitely."

Findlay – "Yes, it’s been worthwhile. I’ve learned and built upon so many skills throughout the project."

Tamsin – "It has been worthwhile because otherwise it would have been a different group and a different FMQT."

Kathryn – "Yes. I gained many good memories and experiences."

Josh – "Yes. It was such an amazing opportunity that I am sure we are all grateful for."

Eloise – "Yes. I have learned new things as well as being part of a great team."

Zander – "It was worthwhile."

Evie – "It has been worthwhile and fun."

Rosa – "Heck yeah! I’ve been able to meet people with similar mindsets and experiences."

FMQT Next Generation

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FMQT Next Generation

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FMQT Next Generation

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Watch FMQT Next Generation

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Why did you want to get involved?

Ivana – "Because my social worker sent my mum a link and it looked cool."

Findlay – "I got involved because I really wanted out voices to be heard, to raise awareness over important issues and make a difference."

Sally – "I got involved because I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, to be involved in a monumental and important project."

Tamsin – "I got involved because I wanted to show that young people aren’t dumb and they do know about Scottish politics and just politics in general."

Kathryn – "I got involved because I enjoy getting my views and other young people’s views across."

Josh – "To make a difference. To give a voice to the youth. To show that these political decisions involve us and we should have just as much of a say."

Eloise – "I got involved to give young people a voice because children know more and can do more than they’re credited for."

Zander – "I got involved by reading a message on Facebook/Twitter."

Evie – "I got a letter from another team and decided to join."

Rosa – "I wanted to try to make a difference. I’ve been able to help explain politics in a more child friendly way."

Why was FMQT Next Generation an important project?

Ivana – "To make the children of Scotland heard!"

Findlay – "This was an important project because I feel as though its inspired myself and many others to speak out about change and inspire our future."

Sally – "This was an important project because it gave young people a voice. It also gave young people from all over Scotland from different background a voice and a platform to discuss matters that are important to them."

Josh – "This project shows that the government care about the youth. That they want the youth to have a voice and that they are willing to listen to it and make change."

Tasmin – "It was an important project because it made young people seen in a different light when it comes to politics."

Kathryn – "It was an important project because young people’s views are just as important, maybe even more than adults. We will be here longer than a lot of the adults making all of the decisions."

Eloise – "It’s important for young people to be heard and their views acted upon."

Zander – "It was an important project because we allowed children to express their feelings to Nicola."

Evie – "Yes, it was a very important project."

Rosa – "It was for young people, by young people."

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