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Young people can apply now to learn new skills and take over Scotland's media channels!

This project will give a group of children and young people the chance to share stories about the things that matter most to them over Scotland’s media channels (that means over the radio, on TV, in newspapers and online!). We think it is important that young people’s voices are heard!

If chosen to join the project, young people might learn how to:

• interview people
• make their own podcast
• write news articles
• take professional photographs for print
• talk to a camera
• edit films
• make posts for major social media channels
• make and share mobile content in their community.

The young people can choose to make stories about whatever matters most to them – the place they live, the ways they like to spend their time, or the problems they think need to be fixed. They will also have the chance to share the stories of other children and young people, in their own community and beyond.

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For children and young people who might be interested in becoming a journalist or working for a TV or radio station, this project will give them lots of helpful skills, and a chance to meet new people.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications was 5pm, 22 August 2018. We will be in touch with everyone who applied shortly.

Who were we looking for?

We were looking for children and young people from all over Scotland who are interested in researching and telling stories, learning digital media skills, and working as a team to share the experiences of young people! We were particularly interested in hearing from young people whose experiences and identities are rarely represented in Scottish media.

If chosen, how long will the young people spend with the project?

Once they apply, the young people will be invited to a recruitment day on Saturday 1 September 2018. This will give them a chance to meet everyone and find out more about whether the project is for them. If chosen to join the project, they will then be invited to a training day on Saturday 15 September 2018.

Over the course of the project, the participants will have the chance to take part in lots of media takeover and skills workshops. We will decide with them which opportunities look best, and work to fit their availability and level of interest. The project will come to an end in March 2019.

Who to speak to if you have any questions

You can call us on 0131 313 2322 if you have a question or want to find out more. Just ask to speak to Jemma and we will do what we can to help!

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Download and share our Young Media Voices recruitment poster. If you work in a youth space, please print and display!

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