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Young people’s experiences shaping the Covid-19 Inquiry

As examinations into the Covid-19 response currently take place across the UK, organisations are being encouraged to support young people (aged 18-25) to share their experiences and help shape recommendations for the future.

Yesterday (Tuesday 19 March), Children in Scotland’s Chief Executive, Dr Judith Turbyne, gave evidence at Day 26 of the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry’s Health and Social Care Impact Hearings. Highlighting some of the many ways in which children and young people were impacted, Judith also emphasised how their experiences during the pandemic could have been improved if their views were considered from the beginning.

As examinations into the Covid-19 response currently take place across the UK, children and young people have opportunities to input and shape recommendations for what needs to be done for the country to be better prepared in the future.

Led by the independent and impartial UK Covid-19 Inquiry, Every Story Matters is one of the tools for sharing personal stories for anyone aged 18 and over. The campaign invites respondents to complete a short online form about their experience which will then be collated and analysed to provide anonymised evidence during the ongoing inquiries. With young people’s lives so uniquely affected by the pandemic, the Inquiry has stressed the importance of hearing their stories directly.

Organisations working with young people (aged 18-25) are being asked to support the Inquiry by sharing the opportunity to participate in the campaign. With the uniqueness and complexity of each individual experience, the Inquiry has created a number of resources to support participation (Click here for more).

Insights from Every Story Matters will be combined with bespoke research being conducted by independent research specialists, Verian, to ensure children and young people’s first-hand experiences shape the future of the Inquiry.

Children in Scotland’s Chief Executive, Dr Judith Turbyne said:

From talking to the children, young people, families and organisations we work with across Scotland, we have heard so many stories of the different and often difficult ways in which people were impacted by the pandemic.

“The evidence I presented from Children in Scotland at the Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry yesterday offers further insight into the experiences of children and young people during this time. However, to create a full picture of what happened and how the country can improve in the future, it is so important that we hear from children and young people directly.

“The UK Covid-19 Inquiry is creating safe and supportive opportunities for children and young people to participate in research and the more stories they receive, the richer the tapestry they can stitch together.”

Click here to find out more about ‘Every Story Matters’ and access the online form

Every Story Matters

Every Story Matters is an opportunity to help the UK Covid-19 Inquiry understand your experience of the pandemic.

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