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New resource aims to support children and young people's engagement with heritage

3 June 2019

We've launched a new resource aimed at supporting practitioners working with young people, with a particular focus on the area of heritage.

Policy Manager Elaine Kerridge said: "This is based on our own principles and practices developed through our work, including our Heritage Hunters project. However, the principles are applicable to all engagement work with children and young people.

"It supports Curriculum for Excellence’s curriculum areas including Social Studies and in particular Health and Wellbeing: developing self-awareness, self-worth, respect for others and emotional/social and mental wellbeing.

"It also supports young people to become Responsible Citizens, one of the Four Capacities of the Scottish Curriculum."

"The resource aligns with one of our priorities: to support the workforce to be more skilled, knowledgeable and better placed to deliver improved outcomes for all children. We are very happy to share our own experiences and learning to achieve this."

Including methods of engagement, top tips and activities, methods and approaches, case studies and related resources, the resource is designed as an easy to read guide.

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For more information contact Elaine Kerridge, Policy Manager,


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