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Living Museums - Stirling

June 2021

The group recently produced a series of artworks on the theme of protest.

Read more about the ideas behind the artworks in the contributions from members of the group below.


Two forms of statistics backed up by research that show shocking evidence of the percentages of women who have experienced harassment and the details of some attacks.

Flowers to resemble the beauty of women and to also pay respect to all women who have experienced any type of harassment.

Not all men – a phrase that began trending on social media after the death of Sarah Everard.

But almost all women – the response to this phrase which has sparked conversation of women’s safety and has inspired many women to tell their story.


This artwork was inspired by a protest artwork I saw on Twitter during the protests after Sarah Everard’s murder. The artwork looked like an iPhone and said, “Text me when you are home”. My artwork is a response to this and is always what I send to my friends/family after a night out. As a young woman, I have been very impacted by recent events and that is what ultimately inspired this work.


All too often large corporations cause devastating impact to the environment and the people around it.

It is impossible to escape due to the monopoly they have over the industry.

Nestle own all sorts of companies, from chocolate to cat food, shampoo to coffee. Running their international market whilst reaping damage across the world.

Cutting down rainforests for palm oil, contaminating water supplies, and affecting hundreds of millions of people and animals.

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