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Launching a major new co-design project for pupil support staff to help #KeepThePromise

We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new project involving care experienced children and young people and pupil support staff, which will span the next two years.

Funding from The Promise Partnership's Keep The Promise Fund will provide the opportunity for Children in Scotland to deliver an innovative project for pupil support staff across Scotland.

The main aim is to address the limited support and learning opportunities that are available for pupil support staff, with a particular focus on helping them provide a supportive school environment for care experienced children and young people and those on the edges of care.

The ‘Pupil Support Staff Learning Programme’ will take a hybrid approach with a combination of online and in-person learning and networking opportunities, eLearning and access to resources.

The programme itself will be created using a truly collaborative and co-design approach with Children in Scotland staff and two working groups, that will remain involved throughout the project. One group will include children and young people with care experience and the other with pupil support staff. The groups will work separately and together designing the programme, potentially delivering it, and updating and adapting it in light of feedback or changes.

The project will run from April 2023 to March 2025 with plans to formally launch the learning programme in early 2024.

Over the coming weeks, the team will start to recruit to the two groups who will develop the learning programme.

Simon Massey, Head of Engagement & Learning at Children in Scotland, said:

“I am so pleased that we can officially launch this project and really excited to see what we can achieve over the next two years.

The funding allows us to build on Children in Scotland's and Enquire's expertise and, most crucially, includes the lived experience of children, young people and pupil support staff themselves.

"I am confident that we will not only provide excellent learning opportunities for staff, but involvement in the project will be a great experience and we will be able to create longer-term, positive change beyond the two-year period.”

To be kept up to date on the project or express an interested in getting involved, please email


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