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Launch of Young People’s Manifesto helps make political ideas more accessible for all

4 March 2021

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May, we’ve launched a Children and Young People’s Version of our Manifesto for 2021-26.

Click here to download a copy of the Manifesto

We are committed to upholding child rights and making sure that young people’s views are listened to on issues that affect them.

With young people in Scotland aged 16 and over now eligible to vote, it is more important than ever than political issues and debate are accessible to all.

Launching the new Manifesto, Parisa Shirazi, Children in Scotland’s Policy, Projects and Participation Officer said:

“Children in Scotland’s Manifesto for 2021-26 was developed over 18 months with input from our members, our children and young people’s advisory group, our staff and board.

“As the calls we came up with are intended to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people, it is hugely important that children and young people themselves are able to read them, understand them and form their views about the different issues raised.

“We are excited to publish this accessible version of our manifesto, which contains exciting calls such as the introduction of a ‘hobby premium’, embedding climate change into the school curriculum and including the voices of those under the age of 16 into Citizens’ Assemblies.”

Anna, a member of Children in Scotland’s Changing our World children and young people’s advisory group said:

"It is really important to have a children and young people-accessible version of the manifesto because children and young people need to be at the forefront of decisions that affect them.

“It is difficult for young people to have an input if there is not access to information that we can understand. Luckily Children in Scotland has added this version which will be really helpful to young people in Scotland."

Children in Scotland launched its Manifesto for the 2021-26 Scottish Parliament in November.

Endorsed by organisations including Play Scotland, Save the Children, Children 1st, YouthLink Scotland and Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights), the Manifesto contains 33 calls, across 10 themes, and outlines key changes in policy and legislation the charity believes the next Scottish Government must make to improve outcomes for children and young people living in Scotland, and their families.

Click here to download our 2021-26 Manifesto

Click here to find out more about Changing our World

For more information, contact Chris Small, Communications Manager, or Parisa Shirazi, Policy, Projects and Participation Officer,



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Young People's Version

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