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Elections: Children's Sector Strategic and Policy Forum

28 June 2021

We are now recruiting new members to our Children's Sector Strategic and Policy Forum.

The Forum takes a pro-active and evidence-based approach to improving children’s lives at a strategic, national level. At the Forum, senior members pool their knowledge and expertise to come together and help identify children’s sector-wide solutions. 

As the national network for the children’s sector, Children in Scotland co-ordinates and holds the Secretariat. Meetings are chaired by Children in Scotland's CEO. Click here to learn more about the work of the Forum.

Recruitment to the Forum

The Forum is a 30-member group. There are 12 places available at this time, with a range of positions filled by current Forum members. The election will operate on a thematic basis. Each theme has an allotted number of places available. The thematic areas, the number of available places under each theme and the definitions for thematic areas are as follows.

  • Education (2 places)Your organisation works to support the Scottish education sector, defined as those providing education and learning opportunities to children aged 5-18 and older where they are care experienced or have additional support for learning needs.
  • Help & Support, inc health and wellbeing, ASN etc (3 places)Your organisation works in the community to support the holistic needs of children, young people and their families to support them to engage with the other services they use
  • Early years, early learning and childcare & family support (2 places)Your organisation works with children, young people and their families in the pre-school years to promote positive outcomes.
  • Parents (1 place)Your organisation works with parents to ensure their voice is heard in discussions and decisions about their children.
  • Equalities (1 place)Your organisation works with minority groups to ensure that their needs are met in policy/decision making.
  • Other (2 places)Your organisation is a member of Children in Scotland but does not fit into any of the categories listed above.

Eligibility to apply

  • Your organisation is a member of Children in Scotland
  • You are the Chief Officer of the organisation (or Scottish equivalent)
  • You are able to commit to 4 meetings over the next year in Edinburgh
  • You are able to represent the interests of children, families and the children’s sector at a national level.
  • You have knowledge of the strategic challenges in your sector and are able to advocate for strategic change to support children, young people and families rather than focus on the needs and interests of your organisation
  • You are willing and able to lead discussions and present papers to the Forum as and when required. 

Submitting an application

All those who wish to stand will have to confirm that they meet the Forum’s eligibility criteria. They will also be required to provide a summary of 200 words outlining their reason for standing and why they think their input will be of value for the Children’s Sector Strategic and Policy Forum. Please send your application to stand to Dana Vreeswijk:

All Children in Scotland members will be able to vote in the elections. All members will receive the same number of votes regardless of the size of their organisation.

Children in Scotland will disseminate campaign literature to our membership including a booklet with information on candidates standing for election and the rules for voting.

Timescales and deadlines

The deadline for applications is Monday 16 July.

If you have any questions about the election process or standing for election please contact Dana Vreeswijk,

Election information sheet

Download, print and share our information sheet about the elections.

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