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Crown Estate Scotland project


In 2019, Children in Scotland undertook a consultation exercise with children and young people, to inform the Crown Estate Scotland’s Draft Corporate Plan 2020-23. From November 2019 to January 2020, the views and experiences of 97 children and young people were gathered through three workshops held in Midlothian, North Ayrshire, and Argyll and Bute (ages 7-14) and via an online survey (ages 10-25).

After gathering evidence from the engagement activities, Children in Scotland staff analysed the feedback to identify key findings. They produced a report which provides Crown Estate Scotland with key learning from the children and young people and recommendations for next steps.

This in-depth qualitative piece of work involved children and young people from 18 different local authority areas and the commonality across the views expressed indicates that these findings offer useful evidence to inform the development of Crown Estate Scotland 2020-23 Corporate Plan.

The environment was a key area of concern identified by the young people as part of this consultation. Young people told us:

“A healthy environment underpins our very existence.”

“If we don’t look after the environment, especially in rural/coastal areas, then there is nothing for local communities to base their economies on.”

“Collaboration is also important as you are working with other people with their communities and lives which shouldn’t be done without their input.”

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Crown Estate Scotland Corporate Plan (2020-23)

Report based on consultation with children and young people

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