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Consultation with Children and Young People on Wellbeing (2016-2017)

In October 2016, the Scottish Government asked Children in Scotland to consult with children and young people to help inform the development of their new 10-year mental health strategy from the perspective of younger aged children.

We spoke to 49 children, from P3-P7 in two primary schools in Glasgow and Dunoon.

We also considered the views of children and young people from other youth led-organisations.

The consultation explored: 

What helps children to feel happy, healthy and safe
The issues they would like help with
The types of support that can help them.

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Our reports

Our recommendations

Based on what we heard we made a number of recommendations to the Scottish Government.

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Feeling Happy, Healthy and Safe

We also produced a report, Feeling Happy, Healthy and Safe, feeding back the findings to children and young people.

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