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Our Senior Learning & Events Officer, Cat Kozlowski reflects on a return to in-person learning

Learning, and how we offer events, has changed in the past two and a half years. The ongoing pandemic forced our hand, and we had to make an instant choice; go online or fade away.

At Children in Scotland, we chose to be brave. We asked, what can we do? How can we be flexible, and modify what we do in a way that will allow us to continue to deliver on our mission? We found ways to thrive in a digital space.

And now, as daily life shifts yet again, and we try to live alongside the virus, we’re looking to find ways to lead, to thrive again.

Our decision to return to in-person events was not made lightly. The pandemic has changed the fabric of our society, and we cannot ignore the mark it has left. But, even as it took so much from all of us, it showed us how we could come together, and collectively reach further and aim for better.

Going back to in-person events is not about returning to a pre-Covid world (we know that online learning will also be a core part of our future).

But we return, excited, measured, with care and consideration to in-person learning events.

Our online events are powerful, impactful bursts of knowledge and inspiration. In-person training, for those comfortable with coming back into a shared space, offers the chance to go further.

Our ambition is to reclaim the lightbulb moments that come from seemingly inconsequential conversations next to the fruit platter, the sparks of inspiration that come from knowing you are surrounded by others sharing the same passion for strengthening the children’s sector. It is these opportunities to reconnect and collaborate again with others in the sector that we are most excited about in the return to in-person training.

In line with government guidance, our own experiences, and feedback from our training attendees, we are bringing to life a handful of unique events in-person this autumn. Our aim is to ensure, to the best of our ability, a safe, welcoming environment.

Kicking off this return to in-person is an in-depth exploration of how the pandemic has affected childhood development. A fitting topic as we step back into a physical learning space. In our day-long workshop on 7 September, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk will explore Helping children to recover from the pandemic. This event in Edinburgh will delve into children’s stress symptoms and how trauma can affect development.

That same week we’re starting our year-long Edinburgh-based diploma course with Richard Rose on Therapeutic Life Story Work. This course will give practical tools and hands-on experience in using a person’s life story to help overcome trauma. Applications are due by 5 August 2022.

Next up we head to Glasgow with Betsy de Thierry on 7 October in a nuanced look at Understanding emotional neglect. This day-long workshop will offer a detailed exploration of what emotional neglect looks like, how to spot it, and the socio-economic factors that may underpin it.

Rounding out 2022 we have our Annual Conference on 8-9 November in Edinburgh (and online), a poignant look at What’s Next? and a chance to Reconnect, Reflect, and Reimagine the future of the children’s sector. The aim of this hybrid conference is to bring together the best of what we knew with the best of what we’ve learned. With the chance to attend online or in-person professionals from across Scotland—and even further afield—will be able to collaborate and take away meaningful, sector-changing learning and experiences.

We don’t know what 2023 will hold, but Children in Scotland aims to retain a measured approach. Where are we as people? What do we need? How do we find ways to thrive in this changing world? And always, how do we find ways to be kind. As we embark on our first steps back to in-person learning we’ll be listening to you, ensuring that we find ways to create safe spaces so we can embrace what comes next.

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About the author

Cat Kozlowski is Senior Learning & Events Officer in Children in Scotland's Events team

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