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Becoming an 'Unfeartie' is just the first step in defending children's rights. Join us today

Clare and Lisa from Fa'side Women's Group respond to Call 23 of our 25 Calls campaign, which argued that Scotland should become a nation of child rights defenders.

In their short video, they share their experiences of becoming Unfearties.

Call 23 – Let’s make Scotland a nation of Unfearties!

Joining the Unfeartie movement is an important step adults can take to say that they actively support children's rights. Becoming an Unfeartie means we will defend, uphold and speak up for children's rights as part of a collective drive to transform experiences of children in Scotland.

We don't have to be experts in childcare or in human rights to become Unfearties – anyone can join the movement. And everyone who believes that children's rights should be respected and celebrated should.

In Tranent, East Lothian, Fa'side Women's Group, an informal community group for women and girls, worked with the Children's Parliament to host International Women's Day in March 2019. Two Children's Parliament Members and Children's Human Rights Defenders, Megan and Faith, facilitated a vibrant, fun-packed event that had women and girls talking about our rights – and what we need to make Tranent a human rights aware town. Our big local sign up brought more than 50 Unfearties from the local community together.

We're envisioning how as adults we can learn from children and support our bairns in fully achieving their rights. It’s an exciting journey of co-operative discovery that we hope will encourage everyone in our town to know, understand and respect children's rights. Becoming an Unfeartie is just the first step of learning.

Join us as we stand up for rights.

Clare MacGillivray, from Fa'side Women's Group, is responding here to Call 23 of our 25 Calls campaign. The Call was contributed by Rona Blackwood and Chelsea Stinson from the Children's Parliament, and Juliet Harris from Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights. Click here to read the call


Unfearties are individuals who are courageous in discussing children’s issues, and are willing to speak up for their rights

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Call 23

"Let’s make Scotland a nation of Unfearties!" By Children's Parliament and Together

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