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“We want to make art more accessible for everyone, especially young people”

25 June 2021

As part of our Living Museums project and Museums Takeover Day, Dumfries & Galloway group member Felicity Zaganelli explains how a greater focus on art could help older people see the world in a different light

Today we are going to talk about art museums.

Art museums are important to me because I have always loved art and it’s a nice way to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Unfortunately young people might have felt out of place at museums because museums don’t always show art relevant to young people. Young people (particularly Gen-Z) think differently from people in the past.

People in the past are more old fashioned and you can see that in certain paintings so that would be harder for young people to relate to. We also want museums to be fun instead of a kid leaving and thinking that the trip was boring.

We want to make art more relatable and more accessible for everyone, especially young people. We want everybody to feel included in museums. We want diversity. We want more young people to make art too!

Young people making art might help older people see what is going on inside a young person’s head and help understand them more.

So, I suggest you make art to help the world see what young people think and it might make other young people make art too and older people see the world differently!

Friday 25 June is #TakeoverDay

Young people from our #LivingMuseums project are part of today's Kids in Museums digital takeover!

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