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Vision through our values

As we launch our Strategic Plan for 2023-28, the Convenor of Children in Scotland’s Board, Steven Sweeney, looks through the lens of our values to share how we are facing the future.

I am delighted that we are launching our new strategic plan and equally pleased to be able to share some reflections on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Children in Scotland’s values set out the organisation’s beliefs and qualities, which are key to the delivery of our vision that all children in Scotland have an equal chance to flourish. Strengthening equality, diversity and inclusion is an overarching commitment that informs these values, which are to work in a way that’s Brave, Kind, Open and Fair, and Collaborative. So how have our values guided us in the development of this strategic plan, and how will they inform its implementation?


We will be brave in championing children’s rights with creativity and determination, taking the lead in empowering children and young people. We are also being brave by publicly sharing how we will know whether we are delivering the desired impact through our strategic priorities and associated actions.

Ambition and accountability are important to us. For our membership to sit at the heart of who we are and what we do as an organisation, we need to be accountable to them whilst being the best version of ourselves. This is a live plan so we will be an agile organisation, reviewing and adapting to ensure relevance for our members over the next five years.


We will be kind by making empathy and trust key to how we connect with others, caring about the impact our work has on people and the environment. We all need to be kind to each other as we continue through a cost-of-living crisis.

At Children in Scotland, we will ensure that children and young peoples’ views will be listened to, taken seriously and acted upon. Like many of our member organisations, we are prioritising, looking at our efficiency and sharpening our focus. We promise to strengthen our commitment to partnership and collaboration, horizon scanning externally, supporting children, young people and our members.

Open and Fair

We will be open and fair by being committed to accessibility, honesty and by sharing learning. We will be open and fair as we aim to influence decision-makers to deliver on our Manifesto priorities, which have been set out by our members and our children and young people’s advisory group. We can take hope from commitments to combat child poverty and champion GIRFEC and incorporation of the UNCRC.

There remains much to do to deliver good policy and practice for children and young people in Scotland. We are ready for the challenge. I really like that as we deliver quality support services for children and young people with additional support needs, we are also collaborating to influence policy and practice.


Finally, we will be collaborative. The participation of children, young people and their families, members, our wider network and the sector workforce, alongside staff and the Board is central to the success of this plan. With three decades of knowledge, skills and experience as an organisation, we will respect the past, live in the here and now, and embrace the future.

We will remain present in all that we do, actively listening to everyone invested in the future health and wellbeing of Scotland’s young people. Thank you to all the stakeholders involved in the development of this strategic plan. Our fantastic staff team and committed Board are excited to hit the ground running.

Click here to read our Strategic Plan 2023-28 including an introduction from our Chief Executive, Dr Judith Turbyne. 

About the author

Steven Sweeney is the Convenor of Children in Scotland's Board. He is one of our nine current Trustees

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