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Truth and Consequences for the Kibble Boys

This project ran between 2008 and 2009.

Children in Scotland was asked by Kibble Education and Care Centre to find out more about the lives of Kibble participants before, during and after their time in Kibble’s care.

Kibble is committed to doing an even better job of helping the boys and young men entrusted to its care. Knowing more about these individuals can assist in understanding what changes should be made in the future.

The benefits of the project for Kibble included: better assessment and placement, improvement to policies, practices and programmes and improved outcomes for Kibble participants.

In summary, Children in Scotland looked at:

  • What information about the boys’ lives already exists and is used
  • What additional information could be useful
  • Kibble’s assessment and placement processes
  • How the boys can express their views at Kibble and in what way their views are listened to
  • How life has developed for those who left Kibble in recent years

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