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Our trainers & Speakers

Trainers & Speakers

The Learning & Events team works with handpicked trainers to create our diverse programme.

They include current practitioners and service managers, leading experts in niche areas, and inspirational individuals with unique experiences committed to creating positive change for children. Each of them is passionate about sharing their knowledge to strengthen the skills of those working in the children’s sector.

All our trainers possess the qualities and skills we believe are vital to our success in delivering training of a consistently high standard. This is backed up by the evaluations from delegates who consistently rate them as 'excellent'.

You can read more about their backgrounds and achievements in the following selection of profiles.


list of commissioned training topics offered: child protection, trauma and adversity, additional support needs, attachments & behaviour, Children's Rights, Participation & Engagement, mental health

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With an impressive track record spanning 25 years, Nicola stands as a beacon for vulnerable children and young people. As a seasoned trainer and consultant, she brings forth a wealth of experience, offering invaluable insights to those who support these individuals. Nicola's passion lies in nurturing understanding and fostering positive change, providing training, consulting, and coaching services that empower adults in their crucial roles.


Child development and behaviour


Jan brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished therapist, proficient in positive change, providing training, consulting, and coaching services that empower adults in their crucial roles. Jan’s holistic approach is warm, engaging, and informative.


Trauma-informed practice

Vicarious trauma


Managing anxiety

Supporting cyp with bereavement

Teenage brain


Fiona is a distinguished Child Protection consultant with an extensive background in multi-agency collaboration across statutory and non-statutory organisations. With over 15 years of experience in safeguarding children from harm, she brings a unique blend of expertise as a registered Mental Health Nurse and Short Break Foster Carer. Fiona’s professional journey, coupled with personal commitment, underscores her deep understanding of child protection. Her contributions resonate in driving collaborative efforts for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children across various settings.


Child Protection



Beverley is a highly qualified and registered Social Worker with an extensive 20-year background in Child Protection. Holding a BA (Hons) degree in Social Sciences with a Diploma in Social Work, along with specialised postgraduate qualifications in Child Protection and Education, Beverley’s expertise is deeply rooted in academia and practical experience. She possesses a strong interest in Learning and Development, showcasing significant proficiency in designing and delivering training programs endorsed by Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards and Public Protection Committees.


Child Protection


Rhiann is one half of Three Sisters Consultancy. Rhiann has a degree in Public Policy from the University of Glasgow and a Postgraduate qualification in Counselling skills from the University of Strathclyde. She uses her experience in practice to support training and facilitation in social services. With an interest in supporting challenging conversations, Rhiann uses her background in counselling and facilitation to move groups away from circular conversations into resolution and action.





Corrie, the other half of Three Sisters Consultancy, has spent her career working closely with vulnerable young people with additional support needs (including autism) and practitioners and parents and carers who support them. Her expertise is in designing and delivering sexual health programmes, as well as considering how our environment and communication methods can help make our practice more inclusive. Corrie’s work centres around building capacity by helping professionals make long-term changes to their approaches to learning.


Additional Support Needs

Sexual Health