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Five people stand alongside an award winner, who holds their trophy above his head while smiling

Scottish Children’s Health Awards: nominations close soon

Posted 07.07.23 by Alice Hinds

Children’s Health Scotland is seeking nominations for the upcoming Scottish Children’s Health Awards – but there is not long left to enter.

Celebrating courageous children and young people, as well as teams and individuals making a difference to their health and wellbeing, the Awards are free to enter, and nominations can be made until 5pm on Friday 14 July.

Awards will be presented in following six categories:

Children’s Choice Award – someone special who has made a significant difference to a child or young person whilst they are undergoing treatment and whose care really stood out.

Health and Wellbeing Award – a nominee/team who has made a difference to the health and wellbeing of a child or young person in school, hospital or the community through treatment or advocacy.

Healthcare Rights Award – this award acknowledges the extraordinary steps taken by a nominee/team to advance the healthcare rights of children and young people.

Health-Related Play Award – someone special, or perhaps a special team, who has made a significance difference to a child’s life through health-related play.

Improving Life Experiences Award – a nominee who has made a difference to the confidence and resilience of a child or young person, so they are better able to deal with their current difficulties, or develop basic skills and habits to help them deal with challenges later in life.

Young Achiever Award – any child or young person who has gone above and beyond, showing enormous courage in their life, and never giving up.

This year, a Lifetime Achievement Award will also be presented to a health professional who the judges believe has made outstanding contributions to the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Helen Forrest, chief executive for Children’s Health Scotland, said: “The Scottish Children’s Health Awards provide the perfect opportunity to praise amazing people and organisations that are making such a difference to the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

“We are delighted that once again journalist and TV presenter, Catriona Shearer, will interview all the winners to share their stories whilst helping us to present the awards at our ‘Bear’s Tea Party’ in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh.”

To find out more and make your nominations, click here to visit the Scottish Children’s Health Awards page: