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Scottish Government Participation Project (2017-2018)

Children in Scotland was commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the nature and type of impact children and young people’s participation has had on national and local policy-making in Scotland.

We conducted six case studies exploring examples of where children and young people were involved in policy-making. For each project we carried out interviews with key stakeholders involved in the project including children and young people.

We used the findings of the research to make recommendations for policymakers to consider when including children and young people in decision-making going forward.

The Scottish Government published the final report, The Impact of Children and Young People's Participation on Policy Making, on 2 February 2018.

Download a PDF copy of the report here.

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Core partners

Children in Scotland

Lead project team, with responsibility for delivering project outcomes.

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Scottish Government

The Scottish Government Rights and Participation Team commissioned the work.

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