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Reach website “an advice service like no other” – SYP

An online advice portal, designed by young people for young people, has received high praise from the Scottish Youth Parliament and is being recommended as a resource by all MSYPs.

Reach, the website developed and run by Enquire, is designed to help young people find help and support for issues which may be affecting their school life and education.

The website was the focus of discussion at the Scottish Youth Parliament’s sitting in March of this year, reflecting on the welcome and active participation of young people and the excellent resource produced as a result.

Aqeel Ahmed, previous Convenor of the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee, took the time to write to staff at Enquire to highlight the Parliament’s support.

“We think the website is not just a resource for those who are struggling with mental health or are being bullied. It’s a resource for all of Scotland’s young people; an advice service like no other,”

“It has everything you want all on the same website! If you need exam advice, contacts for support organisations, are being bullied, or are having trouble with mental health, go visit now, folks!” - Aqeel Ahmed

Reach is run by Enquire, the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning.


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