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Making Children's Rights Real Across Scotland - Licketyspit's workshop presentation

Licketyspit held a "Have Your Say Through Play" game with delegates amd a workshop at the Making Children's Rights Real Across Scotland event on 27 May 2021:

Have Your Say Through Play

Child and parent play champions from Licketyspit's Children & Families Network brought discussions about children’s rights to life at the end of the event by helping us ‘Have Our Say through Play’! Through the “What time is it, Mr No Rights Wolf?” game, the champions shared what’s important to them about UNCRC implementation and how adults can truly uphold their rights in practice, through equal group play.

Click here to watch Licketyspit's video on "Have Your Say Through Play: A consultation with children about their rights".

Delivering Children’s Rights Through Play

Play is the language of children and offers a unique way to embed a children’s human rights-based culture across Scotland.

In this workshop, Licketyspit shared some of the key principles and practical tools of their imaginary play approach - Storyplay - and how the approach can be used in early years, primary and whole family settings to foster a children’s rights-based culture and meet the promises of #UNCRCScotland.

Licketyspit talks a lot about the answers to a better society sitting in plain sight and those answers are in children – particularly early years children – who commonly express a strong moral compass, an ability and desire to give and receive love and kindness, and a deep powerful curiosity and imagination.

Through child-centred imaginary group play, we can all harness these core elements of a healthy, happy and fair society, letting go of inhibitions and stresses and meeting each other as equals in the empowering world of our imagination.

Click here to view the presentation slides.