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Insight magazine Issue 3 now available for non-members

As part of our commitment to supporting professionals and practitioners across the children’s sector, we open access to previous editions of our member magazine, Insight, one year after publication, allowing non-members to read the digital edition for free. 

The third issue of Insight, originally published in November 2022, is packed with profiles, interviews and features, which take a critical look at some of the big issues facing children, young people and families today.

In the magazine's lead four-page interview, Kenny Murray, Director of Inclusion and Engagement at Who Cares? Scotland (click here for more), shares why accountability is key when supporting Care Experienced people.

Since the late 1970s, Who Cares? Scotland has been a source of support, a champion of rights and a powerhouse of progress for Care Experienced people throughout the country.

The charity has passionately pursued legislative change and was instrumental in ensuring the right to remain in care extended upwards to the age of 26, as outlined in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. It is the driving force behind an ongoing campaign to recognise Care Experience as a protected characteristic and played a key role in the Independent Care Review, leading to the establishment of The Promise.

Who Cares? Scotland is committed to ensuring that the voices of Care Experienced people are listened to, and advocacy is a crucially important part of their work.

A recent development of its advocacy service has been the introduction of a helpline available to anyone of any age who is Care Experienced, recognising that the challenges of having been in care can be carried well into adulthood.

It has had significant influence in challenging stereotypes through work with leading media outlets on their representation of Care Experienced people and was involved in a sensitivity read of the popular Tracy Beaker TV series. The charity encourages Care Experienced people themselves to challenge misrepresentation – or better yet, provide their own alternative.

A national representative body, made up of Care Experienced people, guide its work and the Who Cares? Scotland board has strong representation of Care Experienced people.

Writer, campaigner and media consultant Kenny Murray embodies all of this. He is open about his own experience of being in care and the frustrating lack of progress since he left the system 18 years ago, arguing that, whilst policy change is welcome, the real progress needs to be cultural and societal, encompassing how Care Experienced people are treated, represented and supported throughout their lives.

To read the full interview with Kenny, click the link below, where you'll also find:

  • A piece by Dr Lynn McNair, who reflects on the opportunities a later school start age could bring
  • Alison Watson, from Shelter Scotland, commenting on the record number of children in temporary accommodation
  • And Magic Torch Comics on how sequential storytelling can help unlock literacy.

Insight Issue 3 is now available, click here to read

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