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Innovation in school meals in focus, as International School Meals Day 2024 launches

International School Meals Day (ISMD) has launched for 2024. This year's theme is ‘Innovation in school meals: new routes to sustainable nutrition’. 

ISMD aims to encourage children and young people around the world (with support from their teachers and families) to connect and talk to each other about the food they eat and the role that it plays in their lives. 

The date of ISMD 2024 is Thursday 14 March. 

This year’s theme encourages pupils, and school food providers, to think about nutrition in new, exciting and sustainable ways. 

Schools and communities are invited to share their activity via written pieces, drawings or photographs, audio or video, and good practice will be showcased on the ISMD website. 

A resource pack for schools has been launched, with classroom resources to support participation. 

In preparation for the day, school staff can explore nutrition in a variety of ways, introducing ISMD into curricular areas including science, home economics, geography and art. The aim is to demonstrate the breadth of innovation across Scotland and beyond and share ways of ensuring that school meals have a sustainable future. 

International School Meals Day is managed by Children in Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government. 

Head of Engagement and Learning at Children in Scotland, Simon Massey, said: 'So much has changed over recent years with both challenges and exciting developments happening across the world so, as we move into our 12th year celebrating International School Meals Day, I’m really looking forward to what people will share when thinking about our theme of innovation and nutrition. 

I look forward to seeing all sorts of new, clever, inspiring or re-imagined things come through.” 


Click here to find out more and download the 2024 resource pack:


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