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Food education is on the menu as International School Meals Day 2019 launches

International School Meals Day (ISMD) 2019 has launched. This year's theme is 'Who makes my meal?'.

ISMD aims to encourage children and young people around the world (with support from their teachers) to connect and talk to each other about the food they eat and the role that it plays in their lives.

The date of ISMD 2019 is Thursday 14 March.

This year’s theme encourages pupils to think about their favourite food; learning where it comes from and who provides it.

Schools are invited to share their activity via the written word, drawings or photographs, and good practice will be showcased on the ISMD website.

In the run-up to the day, school staff can encourage young people to think about and discuss their favourite foods and meals in the way that is best suited to their particular learning environment. The main thing is to celebrate the rich diversity of recipes that is sure to exist in every classroom.

Inspiration can also be found in the ISMD 2018 international cookbook, which features competition-winning recipes from children and young people across the world.

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Download the ISMD 2018 international My Food cookbook


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