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Children in Scotland supports Equal Protection consultation

Children in Scotland supports John Finnie MSP’s proposal to introduce a Member’s Bill that will introduce equal protection for children from assault.

Jackie Brock, Chief Executive of Children in Scotland, said:

"Children are still the only group not to be protected by law from being hit. It was almost four years ago, in our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill, that we raised concerns that the UK was out of step with other European jurisdictions, which had either achieved or were working to achieve full prohibition of corporal punishment.

"Evidence shows there is a link between poor long-term emotional wellbeing and being subjected to physical punishment as a child. Every parent should have the right to discipline their child, but there are certain circumstances and acts that can never be tolerated, and physical violence against a child is one of these. As a longstanding member of the Children Are Unbeatable Campaign we will continue, alongside many other children’s organisations, to press for a change in the law."

Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill

Read more about the proposed Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill here

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