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Child protection procedures ‘should be standardised’ across all Scottish hospitals

Children in Scotland Chief Executive Jackie Brock has today called for standardised child protection procedures across all Scottish hospitals in order to prevent more child deaths.

She also suggested that Fife Council conduct a thorough and independent review of its child protection service.

Her call follows the sentencing today of Gordon McKay for the culpable homicide of five-month-old Hayley Davidson in Fife.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Ms Brock said:

“What really concerned me is that Hayley was seen and had significant bruising and injuries to her body that weren’t picked up.

“When you have a child as young as Hayley who can’t express or articulate injury and pain, you have to be looking at the evidence. You have to be thoroughly x-raying her body to ensure it is safe for her to go home.”

Welcoming the change of protocol in Fife, instigated following a number of child deaths in the area, Ms Brock called for more thorough child protection measures to be standard in every Scottish hospital.

“We welcome Fife’s changed protocol but this shouldn’t be decided individually by each hospital. It should be standard procedure in every hospital,” she said, urging the sharing of resources and expertise across the country if required.

In the wake of Hayley’s death, Ms Brock also said it may be time for an official review of Fife’s child protection services.

“I would suggest the time is right for Fife to call in the inspectors and ask for a thorough overview of what is happening with their child protections services. Liam Fee, Hayley and the others deserve no less.”

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