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Access All Arts Fund 

Unlock Your Creative Potential!

In 2021, Children in Scotland supported a group of children and young people to design the Access All Arts Fund.

The fund was created as part of Creative Scotland’s Nurturing Talent Fund: New Routes programme to support more children and young people with additional support needs or a disability to apply for arts-related funding to explore their creative passions.

The fund was open between 11 August - 13 September 2021 and received 235 applications from children and young people aged between 11 - 26 years old. In November 2021, Children in Scotland distributed £68,000 to children and young people across Scotland. The funded projects included a broad range of activities including visual art, music, film and TV, and creative writing.

A project report will be submitted to Creative Scotland in March 2022. The report will include key learning from the project and recommendations for widening access to arts funding.

Thank you for applying

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an application to the Access All Arts Fund. The fund has now closed.

This project was delivered by David Mackay and Dana Vreeswijk. If you have any questions about the fund, please contact us at

A cartoon drawing of ballet shoes, drama mask, a microphone and a pencil and notebook. The Access All Arts Fund logo in the centre.

Partner: Creative Scotland

The Access All Arts Fund is part of Creative Scotland's Nurturing Talent Fund New Route Programme.

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