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When the adults change, everything changes


27/09/2019 09:30






About this event

When adults focus on their own behaviour, and rewards are replaced by recognition and pride, dramatic positive change can take place in the behaviour of children and young people.

This seminar will focus on the behaviour of adults when supporting children and young people with distressed behaviours. Practitioners are provided with the tools to remove low level disruption from the classroom and return the focus to learning. This training is based on Paul Dix’s The Five Pillars of Pivotal Practice, which highlights the importance of children being respected regardless of their behaviour.

Key learning:

  • Consistent, calm adult behaviour: Human beings and the emotional versus rational brain
  • First attention to best conduct: material rewards versus recognition rewards
  • Teaching learning behaviours: establishing and enforcing rules
  • Scripting difficult interventions: structuring interventions without confrontation
  • Restorative follow-up: the benefits of personal follow-up.

Facilitator bio

Mark Bocker has 37+ years’ experience in special, PRU and mainstream education; most recently as a headteacher of a small specialist (ASD/SEMH) residental school and a headteacher of a large pupil referral unit (PRU). Prior to headship, Mark also held positions including Director of Inclusion; Lead Behaviour Professional, Senior Teacher, Head of PE and Classroom Teacher.

Mark believes schools should provide life-affirming experiences for children, and that their carers and we as professionals and skilled trainers should enable and empower them to realise their aspirations. Mark feels this goal is reflected in the aims and values of Pivotal Education, and are closely aligned to his own.

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