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Voices Forum meeting (FREE for members)


19/06/2019 09:30






About this event

At this meeting, we will continue to work our way around Children in Scotland’s 25 Calls campaign and discuss the Rights and Participation thread. We will consider ongoing work to promote children’s rights and the upcoming consultation on incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots law.

You will have the opportunity to learn, raise concerns and share good practice. We want to work with our members to learn from you and provide support.

You will get the chance to hear about the work the Scottish Government have carried out over the last six months to promote children's rights, including the publication of Progressing the Human Rights of Children in Scotland: An Action Plan.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming consultation on incorporation of the UNCRC and contribute to Children in Scotland’s response to the consultation. We will also provide support for you to respond on behalf of your organisation.

The issue was raised as being of importance at our January meeting of the Voices Forum, where we asked members what our policy priorities should be in 2019. Using the themes of our 25 Calls campaign as our focus, we identified a host of pressing issues which will be explored and pursued throughout the year.

About the Voices Forum

Voices brings together the diverse knowledge, skills and experience of our members to seek solutions for the most pressing issues affecting children in Scotland today.

Combined with participation from children and young people, and outputs from our Children’s Sector Strategic and Policy Forum, it is a powerful collection of voices calling on decision-makers to improve children’s lives.

The Forum holds four events per year, complemented by opportunities for members to feed in their views and ideas remotely.

Every member of Children in Scotland is welcome to attend and contribute to Voices Forum meetings.

Previous meetings have covered a variety of subjects, including:

  • Brexit and the children's sector
  • Brexit and children's rights
  • Information Sharing (Scotland) Bill
  • Research seminar on Child Welfare Inequalities
  • Mental Health Strategy

Upcoming meetings

  • Thursday 24 October 2019 in Aberdeen
  • Thursday 23 January 2020 in Dundee

We’ll be using these meetings to find out what our members’ policy priorities are, and identify areas where we can work collaboratively to achieve our goals for 2019.

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