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The significance of sensory input in enhancing learning


24/06/2019 09:30






About this event

In teaching, we tend to rely heavily on verbal communication. However, for some learners it can be important to support their learning through other sensory input. This training looks at the value of sensory input, particularly in relation to self-regulation strategies and alternative learning methods. This training is particularly useful for those working with children with communication and learning difficulties.  

Key learning:

  • Understanding sensory processing issues
  • Understanding sensory input and its link with self-regulation and interoceptive processing
  • Looking at the benefits of sensory play
  • Trying out different sensory experiences and developing a ‘sensory menu’ of activity.

Facilitator Bio

Lindsay Graham has over 15 years experience of working in learning disability. She has worked to support those with additional needs in independent living and in employment. However, for the last 10 years she has been working in education provision for young adults with complex needs, creating learning plans and resources, as well as training staff in teaching and learning strategies. She has worked both in Scotland and internationally, in India, where she worked with families to develop learning plans, and with local NGOs and schools in training staff and raising awareness of learning disability. Lindsay is currently Education Consultant with Your Learning Ability –

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