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The Autism Toolbox: providing support for children in mainstream schooling


04/02/2019 09:30






About this event

This training introduces the Autism Toolbox – an online resource developed through the Scottish Strategy for Autism that promotes inclusive learning and teaching for children and young people with autism in mainstream environments.

Practitioners can use the tool to upskill their knowledge and learn more about how to make their approach and setting more autism friendly.

Key learning:

  • Basic introduction to autism
  • How autism might affect a child's experience of learning
  • Tips on how to make the environment more autism friendly
  • Identifying triggers and managing challenging behaviour
  • Case studies to put learning into practice.

Facilitator bio

Christine Collingwood is an Autism Improvement Officer with Autism Network Scotland.  She has professional qualifications in social work and in social work education.  She worked for many years with children and families.  Christine has also worked in the field of health and research, and  in the charitable sector. She has been involved with autistic children and adults at various stages of their life journey.

Corrie McLean has been working in education for a decade, developing her specialist skills in sexual health and inclusive learning. Her background is in teaching. She has spent her career working closely with vulnerable young people with additional support needs (including autism) and practitioners and parents and carers who support them. Her expertise is in designing and delivering sexual health programmes, as well as considering how our environment and communication methods can help make our practice more inclusive. Corrie’s work at Three Sisters centres around building capacity by helping professionals make long term changes to their approaches to learning.

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