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Switching off: helping children and young people cope in a digital world


05/06/2019 09:30






About this event

It often seems that our children are more ahead of us when it comes to learning about, and working with, technology – so how do we ensure that we are one step ahead when it comes to their wellbeing and protection?

This highly interactive one-day conference will give you the opportunity to discuss the latest research, learn new skills and share your experiences in keeping children and young people informed and safe – online and offline.

You'll have the opportunity to hear from:

  • Professor Stephanie Biello (neuroscience and biopsychology) at University of Glasgow, who will discuss the relationship between sleep, screen time and FOMO ‘the fear of missing out’. Click here to hear more about Stephany's keynote speech.
  • Jan Montgomery, psychotherapist and play therapist, who will provide guidance and practical tools for helping children and young people to be present and mindful of their connection to others. Click  here to find out more about Jan's workshop.
  • Jess McBeath, trainer, Lemon Tree Consulting, who will explore addiction to online gaming and the impact of persuasive design.
  • Ellie Hutchinson, founder, The Empower Project, who will investigate how young people are experiencing online spaces differently. Click here to find out more about Ellie's workshop.
  • Darran Gillan,  youth and programme development manager, Paisley YMCA who will discuss how technology can be used to develop skills and encourage expression. Click here to see the award winning work that Darran has been doing with young people and technology.
  • Liz Green, workforce and practice manager, YouthLink Scotland will explore the latest resources available to keep children and young people safe, secure and empowered online.
  • Journalists from the Young Media Voices team who will be doing rove reporting throughout the day to cover all the conference action.

Who is this conference aimed at?

If you work directly with children and young people:

Find out how you can create innovative learning environments and activities which draw on the best that technology has to offer while keeping our children and young people safe. Gain confidence in understanding the relationship between child protection and children’s rights and how this influences children and young people’s development, learning and health and wellbeing.

If you support parents, families and carers come along:

Growing up in a digital world can be an exciting, and at times overwhelming, experience as online and offline lives merge closer together. This conference will demonstrate how you can assist  people who support children and young people to find a healthy balance when going online and building relationships with others.

If you are responsible for managing services and developing policy in the children’s services sector come along: 

Find out how we can support children and young people to live safely and happily in a world where we can be connected 24/7. Build your understanding of how we can recognise and positively respond to the challenges and opportunities that this digital world presents, and the role that you can play in adapting public policies and services.

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