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Supporting early years children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)


29/08/2018 09:30






About this event

As awareness of autism is on the rise, more children are being diagnosed in their early years.  It is widely accepted that the earlier the intervention, the better support can be provided to children and their families.

Through attending this course you will learn about different autism spectrum disorders and how they present in young children. You will also learn how to encourage children with their learning and behaviours, and offer support to their families.

Key learning:

  • The basics of autism
  • Key identifiers of autism at an early age and diagnostic pathways
  • How autism can affect sensory, environment and behaviours within your setting
  • The importance of working with families
  • Relevant strategies, resources and signposting.

Facilitator bio

Corrie McLean is an Autism Improvement Officer with Autism Network Scotland. Corrie has been working with autistic children in some form for nearly 12 years. She has a background in primary school teaching and a focus on additional support needs. Corrie also has a sibling with autism.

Christine Collingwood is an Autism Improvement Officer with Autism Network Scotland.  She has professional qualifications in social work and in social work education. She worked for many years with children and families.  Christine has also worked in the field of health and research, and  in the charitable sector.  She has been involved with autistic children and adults at various stages of their life journey.

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