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Supporting children and young people who internalise their distress


18/07/2019 09:30






About this event

There are many reasons why children internalise their distress rather than act out.  They can become invisible to those working with them – thought to be quiet, shy or well behaved children – when actually, they are in pain.

This workshop will explore why some children are unable to show their feelings in a way that helps them access help and support. You will learn how to recognise, support and communicate effectively with these children when they need you most.

Key learning:

  • Trauma, attachment, childhood maltreatment, and how children internalise their distress
  • Relationship-building and communication skills
  • Using creative tools and techniques to engage children and young people. 

Facilitator bio

Jan Montgomery is an experienced therapist who works across the lifespan. She is a qualified Life Coach, Play Therapist and Adult Psychotherapist. Jan specialises in working with trauma and has a passion for sharing her learning in an accessible and creative format.

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