Issue 195 Children in Scotland Magazine


December 2019 – January 2020

Hope in hard times

Anne Frank. Malala Yousafzai. Greta Thunberg.

These three inspiring young women all have something in common: each is personally responsible for changing attitudes, influencing activity at a global level and shining a light on an issue that needs action. They have, respectively, evidenced the harrowing realities and monstrosities of war; promoted gender equality; and encouraged global action on the climate emergency.

The life stories of these women are inspiring. And their message, that young people can make a difference and be a force for change,  is definitely being heard by the next generation as more and more young people want to be active participants in society. Through political engagement, climate activism and messages of creating a more equal and just society, young people across Scotland are proving they are confident, engaged and responsible citizens who are determined to make big changes.

In this issue we share a number of examples of how young people are contributing to building a more inclusive, accepting, equal society – from the latest campaign of the Scouts movement to the 30 under 30 to watch from YWCA Scotland.

  • In our features section we hear about the Million Hands campaign, speak to Bill Scott, Chair of the Poverty and Inequality Commission, and find out more about the proposed Transitions (Scotland) Bill.
  • In Agenda, experts highlight why inclusive education needs to be more than simply an aspiration and reflect on the last year in the Scottish Parliament
  • Finally, Voices showcases some great projects where young people are showing innovation and determination

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